Tracking COVID-19 symptoms is one of the ways Duke is working to keep the community safe as operations expand. All University students, faculty and staff who wish to participate in activities on Duke grounds or in Duke facilities are required to complete the daily symptom survey before arriving or participating in activities on campus.

The symptom monitoring system should be used to report ANY symptoms, even if you think they may be related to allergies or some other issue. For a full list of symptoms, visit the Duke Coronavirus Response website. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution and report potential coronavirus symptoms.

Submitting Your Daily Symptom Survey

Upon completing the registration, you can submit your symptom monitoring survey through one of three ways:

  • You can access the REDCap system through a web browser to complete the “Submit Morning Symptom Log” and setup daily email reminders. You can also find your personal REDCap survey queue link, as well as check the status of your daily symptom monitoring survey and COVID-19 content authorization online.
  • Or, you can call 919-613-0520 to submit your symptom survey using an automated voice response system. You will need your 7-digit Duke Unique ID ready when you call.

Note: You only need to submit your symptom monitoring survey once per day using one of the options above. For example, if you submit using the SymMon app, you do not need to submit through the REDCap system.

After you have responded to the daily symptom monitoring survey, one of the following occurs:

  • Pass Today” is displayed. Be prepared to show this screen upon request.
  • If you are not cleared, “No Pass Today” is displayed. You should not report to work on-site or participate in activities on campus. You will be contacted by either Student Health or Employee Occupational Health & Wellness within 24 hours.

Arriving or Leaving Duke

Duke community members should use the “I’m Arriving at Duke” or “I’m Leaving Duke” buttons on the SymMon mobile app to indicate when they are on-site or leaving. This helps Duke with contract tracing if someone test positive for COVID-19. This feature cannot be scheduled in advance.

Disabled DukeCard Access

All students, faculty and staff must complete daily symptom monitoring before arriving on campus or participating in campus activities. If symptom monitoring is not submitted, DukeCard access is de-activated. You can check the status of your DukeCard, as well as your compliance status for symptom monitoring and surveillance testing on the DukeCard website.  

Students: Students must complete symptom monitoring by 2 p.m. each day or their DukeCard will be de-activated resulting in no access to campus academic buildings or dormitories as well as purchases of food or use of their meal plan.

Students receive a reminder at noon if they are not compliant.  If they still have not completed symptom monitoring by 2 p.m. they receive another notification informing them that their DukeCard has been deactivated. Once symptom monitoring has been completed, DukeCard access will be re-activated within an hour.

Faculty and Staff: DukeCard access is de-activated daily at midnight. Symptom monitoring must be completed daily before coming to campus. DukeCard access is re-activated once symptom monitoring has been submitted.

SMS Notifications

Duke will communicate with students and employees about symptom monitoring and COVID testing via SMS (text messaging). You can change your preferences by texting stop to a short code, which will update your notification preferences to your email address. The short code will be available soon.